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Me too.

I will keep suggesting new things here only after specific updates, also to avoid double-post.

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As I mentioned before, you skip some old techniques from previous original Stick Soldier games such as:
1. Slow Motion button: Slow everything in the map, including objects and sprites
2. Drop Jetpack button: You can drop jetpack to detonate enemies beneath sooner than waiting until it completely depletes
3. Battle Armor: Similar to health bar, increase durability

A bugs found: When you try to edit new 2d map then come back to main menu, the map editor is still there instead of showing fight intro
Plus, did I miss it or there is no jumping pad (bouncing even grenades from grenade launcher) in this game?

Since you already have a very impressive fundamental map editor, why not allowing players to edit their weapon and sound and even armor? Stick Soldier 2 has tons of mods which gives incredible amounts of new weapons such as melee, laser, plasma weapons and even troll-looking weapons by editing resources (not by any built-in editor). Ultimately, a weapon rating board similar to map rating should be somewhere in the menu as nice addition.

New weapons suggestions:
1. Chain Lightning Gun: Slowly damage nearby enemies
2. Beretta: Slower but more powerful than pistol
3. Railgun/Mini-gun: You know what that it
4. Plasma Gun: Projectile can pierce though enemies, either better or worse than flame thrower
5. Knife: One hit kill close combat.
6. Chainsaw: Quickly damage close combat.
7. Grenade Launcher: Bouncing grenades release.
8. Sticky Bomb: Throw a sticky bomb, can be remotely detonate.
9. Laser Gun: You know what that it

New armor suggestions:
1. Body Armor: 50% bonus
2. Power Armor: 100% bonus

New powerup sugesstions:
1. Helmet: Can't be headshot
2. Health Pill (Already in game): You should change it to restore only 50%
3. First Air Kit: restore 100% health
4. Invincible Shield: Take no damage after short time
5. Fire Shield: You can not attack, increase movement speed but can damage surrounding enemies

New game mode and enemy type suggestions:
1. Zombie Mode: Nah, that would be bad idea
2. Stick War (Campaign Mode): something like cartoon war in android, but that would not necessary though

That's all for now. I hope you can digest these slowly. That's just suggestions so don't take them so seriously. Time is golden, man.

I can't believe it. I remember that last time I was the first one who commend your first 0.98 beta release in youtube. Now you develope it even more perfect. Keep it up! I will give more suggestions to your game soon or later. Bookmarked this page already.