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How do we get the prisoner and maid outfits?

For the maids outfits you complete the "Milking Time" quest (level 3 guild quest thing), and I think you complete the two birds one stone quest (level 2 or 3) and probably something to do with the prisoner npc guy you save during the quest

I only got one maid dress from the quest milking time, do I have to repeat it or buy the rest from some where else?

I got the one I wanted by milking her with THAT certain princess

I did the two birds with one stone and have not gotten the prisoner outfits was there a specific choice I had to make?


For the Maid Outfits do the "Milking" quest.
For the prisoner ones you have to buy the Princesses in the goblins' Slaves Market! Soon you will be able to get them in the Gazer's Prison too.

so there is no prisoner outfit for the goblin or kobold princess yet?

They'really between the resources, but there isn't a way to get 'em. HA!

Can you please add a method of getting them without enslaving them next patch

The prison/law system will be required for that. The player and his team, if caught, will be sent to the Gazer's Prison and will get prisoner costumes for everyone.