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Each chapter will have to be bought separately

How do i save my game?

How much essence is required to summon each slime girl? And where/how do you summon them? In addition, where do you find red and green slime girls (besides for the tower)?

I pledged $5 on patreon for cheats. Both of them didn't work on the version I'm playing (I don't know what version and I pretty sure I'm entering the cheats properly). Am I just putting the cheats in the wrong place?

If I download a new version of the game, how/can I transfer my old data to the new version?

Welp I guess I should go support you now

Is there any special sex dialogue or interactions with slaves of monster race (like slimes)? And do things like breast and butt size affect sex dialogue in the game?

If I support this game on Patreon, what do the cheats do?

Now that 13.3 is out, how do you get the Warsuit for Slime Princess, and how do you get the Slime x Kobold scene?

So after I captured someone from the wild, and they are now in my jail. How do I get them to warm up to me and/or be trusted enough. In addition, how do you make someone gain affection/be ready for a relationship with you?

How do you get stronger in the game? If i do a customized start in Frostford, how can I level up/get stronger quicker? In addition, how do you find a slime and capture them as a slave?

I think I ran into a bug. So for my save (13.1), the humans are sieging the Slime Kingdom. However, I've been waiting for a long time for the humans to win so that I can get the Vacuum Seal costume when I buy from goblin princess. Is the game glitched, or do I just have to wait for a very long time for the humans to win? Could you please check out the save I sent to your email? Thank You.

Hey, how do you get the Vacuum Sphere and Pectin Powdered costumes for slime princess? Or are they part of 13.3?

is the Kobold x Slime scene in 13.2 yet or do I have to wait for 13.3

How do I get the royal jelly? It says on the wiki you can get it after an event with Insect Princess, but everytime at the campfire, when I try talking to Insect Princes and it says "Spend time with Insect Princess?", if I click yes, it doesn't work. Is this meant to happen or is my save not working?

How do I get the Kobold x Slime scene?

So now that 13.1 is out, can I transfer my data from v0.13 to the new release? (I spent so much time on v13)

I got the one I wanted by milking her with THAT certain princess

Just wondering, for new versions like 13.1 or like v14 or anything big like that in the future, how do we apply them to our old games so that the data from my current v13 game will carry on the the next update?

For the maids outfits you complete the "Milking Time" quest (level 3 guild quest thing), and I think you complete the two birds one stone quest (level 2 or 3) and probably something to do with the prisoner npc guy you save during the quest

7-zip also works everyone

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I sent the email, thanks for responding! (BTW, wasn't there written somewhere that you can send them off into the world to adventure on their own?)

How do I send you my save file? (Aw, why no child abondment?)

So I have 3 slime heirs. The first two, when I interacted with them would talk at the campfire and at the tavern. But now the third one won't talk at all when interacted with. Is this a glitch or is it part of the game? Also, will there possibly be a way to get rid of unwanted children in the future? I have some retarded slimes that I wish I could just dump somewhere.

As usual, thank you for responding

So for the Brothel, do you just have to keep "interacting" with Qhala? (I have been). And what does "breast sense" mean in the diaries?

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I just have another question. Can you do anything with Slime Princess using the life stone? And what does "Breast Sense" mean when you look in the journal/diary things? (One last thing: Where is the brothel and how do I unlock it?)

How does one impregnate a princess while they are still on the throne (meaning their reign hasn't fallen) (and also what are the uses of the life stone/gem thing)

P.S The one thing I love most about this game is that it's creator is so quick to respond 

Thanks for the succulent piece of information

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One last thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), how do you get Slime Princesse's ending? In addition, would it be possible to add the cheats list for those who purchase the game here for $10?

Thanks so much! You are such a good creator for responding so quickly. 

P.S. Could you also spoil how to get Suu form?

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For Slime Princess, I have Slime Jellies and the maid outfit. How do you get the alt forms and other costumes for her (if there are any other costumes)? In addition, how do you get her ending?

P.S. Would it be possible if you added the cheats list to the purchases for the people like me who buy it on here for $10?

I just purchased your game, and I was wondering. How do you get alternate forms and such? I saw that they exist but do not know how to get them. Or is it a secret that you will never tell us about?

So just wondering about Patreon, If I pledge $10, and the pledge goes through successfuly, can I cancel it and still receive the game when it comes out? Like if I pledge $10 one time, will I still receive the game upon release? And will the game copy on release be digital or physical (please say it is digital)