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For Slime Princess, I have Slime Jellies and the maid outfit. How do you get the alt forms and other costumes for her (if there are any other costumes)? In addition, how do you get her ending?

P.S. Would it be possible if you added the cheats list to the purchases for the people like me who buy it on here for $10?

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The other alt forms for Slime Princess are:

  • Prisoner dress
  • Ooze form -> Reach Drider Princess' hideout (in Golem Princess tower) with Slime Princess as the leading party member and have the vapor from the leaking tube hit her!
  • Expanded form
  • Pregnant form
  • Suu form -> You can obtain it (and several others) by bringing the red-haired merchant (Lina) the Panties she asks for!

Thanks so much! You are such a good creator for responding so quickly. 

P.S. Could you also spoil how to get Suu form?


Done, you little spoiled you.

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One last thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), how do you get Slime Princesse's ending? In addition, would it be possible to add the cheats list for those who purchase the game here for $10?

Not all princesses have endings, we're adding them as we go! Cheats, galleries and polls are Patreon rewards, the one-time fee of is for always getting the newest version in Early Access!

Thanks for the succulent piece of information