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Hey! How are you? Thankyou so much for playing our demo! You are right, the camera allows the player to progress in the game. The story narrates past and present events and combines them into what you play within the game. Stay tuned for more! Mid2018 is surely far away but we still have a lot of work to be done! 

I'm doing great! How are you doing? You have really found a clever way to use it. Does that mean  that the story is based on real events?
One of my subscribers looked up the the location on the envelope and wondered if that's where one of you guys live or if that's where the events took place.

You guys are doing great and the full game will definitely be awesome! 

Haha wow thats awesome, the story is not based on real events but, the story within the location and "the type of culture" showed in the game are. We can not say much more in order not to spoil anything, but there are many many many secrets waiting to be revealed!

Exciting! I cant wati to play more of this game :D

Exciting! I cant wait to play more of this game :D