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The creeper audio really took me back to the 90s. :)


Agh! I need to correct some of that dialogue. But anyway, thanks for playing dude!

Dave Microwaves Games what Characters and Enviroment did made on, Also, did you steal the Nightime Sound Effect From the Roblox Game: The Normal Elevator


I made all my character models in Blender and I built the environments in Unreal Engine. I didn't steal that sound effect, I got it from a copyright free video on Youtube.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry, all my models are personal and I don't share those. As for the ambience, I honestly don't remember what it was called, lol.

i have a Requied Dave Microwaves Games, Can you make Nightmare on Seasme Street 2: Cookeis monster dead. Dave mcirowave did you made the first 

A Nightmare on Sesame Street 

I've had the idea of making A Nightmare on Sesame Street 2, but I don't have time for it in my schedule for this year.

Dave Microwave would like to help you Build Another Spongebob Horror Game: I found base off the episode  you can make game  4 AM At Bikin Bottom where Players play as Spongebob!


Sorry, but I work alone. Plus I don't plan on making another Spongebob game, at least at this time.