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I don't really know anything on this pixel art scale that is sci-fi oriented. 

This, however, could be a good theme for a new pack. What must-haves would you like to see in such a sci-fi pack? 


I can think about many different things, such as : guns, armor parts, energy shields, upgrades, bionics, tech stuff, computers, screens, mothercards, holograms, neons, lights, lasers, mutations, meds, pills...

I might buy this classic med-fan pack as well to support you if you do a sci-fi theme as sexy as that, haha !


Oooh, that sounds interesting and fun, I'll look into it! :)

Well actually i bought it now, as it may be usefull one day, and if not, it may encourage you do keep doing this great pack and others. Hopping for a sci-fi now.

Cheers and thank you! :)