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Hey I just saw this set it looks AMAZING. I am fairly good at pixel art myself, and am especially good at copying the styles of others and making more. I have no problem with the lack or doors and other misc additional things, since I will probably just add them in myself. If you want I can send anyone/the creator my updated tile set version when/if I add a significant amount more. Thanks!

Thanks for kind words.

It'd be amazing, the more the better. I'd rather refrain from adding it to the tileset but if you create an "extention tileset" or something like that I'll be happy to promote it here and add a link in the description.

The reason is I sometimes get some beer money from people for this tileset. It's not much but I feel it would be unfair if you don't (even when none of us care much about money).

I hope you'll release your additions anyway. I'll be looking forward to it!

Thanks I would be honored to release an extension pack. So I added walk, jump, and death animation for the player and am adding death animations to all enemies, as well as doors and keys and such

Awesome! Feel free to release it before it's finished and gather feedback as you go - works for me :)

hey man could you pass this through to me? I'm creating core mechanics at the minute but need visuals to continue to work as I can't just look at squares and imagine that as a working tile!

If your work is good and you are interested in creating multiple objects etc. I will happily pay for your services.



Ill work on posting it soon. I am in no means a prof artist. I'm a coder primarily but I have enough talent in artwork from childhood to make due. idk if you can follow my account to see when its up, if not I'll probably make a video of it on my channel too at Cloud Wolf (just search it in YT)