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Cloud Wolf

A member registered Jan 03, 2018

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sorry I’ve been posting mini demos on my discord was waiting till I get more than the basics done to show you. All I have so far is the level that you made in the first png and the GUI+ items working. No levels or enemies yet only spent about 1hr so far on it

I made a little minigame demo of the room in your img its kind of funny

Hey fisherG, very cute design. Simple but with its own bit of complexity. :)

Ill work on posting it soon. I am in no means a prof artist. I'm a coder primarily but I have enough talent in artwork from childhood to make due. idk if you can follow my account to see when its up, if not I'll probably make a video of it on my channel too at Cloud Wolf (just search it in YT)

Thanks I would be honored to release an extension pack. So I added walk, jump, and death animation for the player and am adding death animations to all enemies, as well as doors and keys and such

Hey 8-bit im working on a game with it and if u want i can send u my edited version, im quite good at adding to tile sets

Hey I just saw this set it looks AMAZING. I am fairly good at pixel art myself, and am especially good at copying the styles of others and making more. I have no problem with the lack or doors and other misc additional things, since I will probably just add them in myself. If you want I can send anyone/the creator my updated tile set version when/if I add a significant amount more. Thanks!