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This game is made for WindowsI've tried all the buttons and I can't start the game.


Do you have any kind of joystick plugged in? I had a non-Xbox360 joystick plugged in, and while it recognized the buttons, the directional pad would not work. I tried to switch to the keyboard and that wouldn't work either. However, when I unplugged the joystick and restarted, it let me use the keyboard controls.


Because it's a defective control method. You must optimize the controls configuration system and don¡t put doubts on the game page.


Controls work fine for me, both on Xbox controller and on Keyboard. Space bar worked for starting the game.


For you, will be lucky, but the same thing didn't happen to me. I have tried everything and not even pressing the space key starts. I don't even have an Xbox 360 or One control. 

And remove the negative votes from my comments as if I was completely wrong and your as if it were good for everyone else, nothing is for the all reach.