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Awesome this! Somehow this triggered so many questions in my mind. "What's the best moment to worry about time?", "What about if I gobble up as much time as possible at the start?", "Provided you have a lot of patience, would you be able to let this game go on forever?". In other words, far more tactics can be applied as I would've imagined up front. 

Apart from that, it plays really nicely, the soundtrack is awesome and the ramp up in difficulty is also really nice. Also, it's much harder than you think to find which cat you control. You start to wonder which movement pattern is easiest to detect.

Man, I am impressed with the depth in this simple concept, well done!

Oh, an idea, perhaps, to change the balance, consuming clock could also add a cat? To actually make eating the cheese or clock a dilemma? Or have another cat chase the cheese as well? Or, different types of cats (but this might take away the charm of its simplicity).


Thank you very much!

The reason why I added clock power-up is creating moments of decision. Making a decision between picking up the clock or the cheese makes the game more fun, I believe.

The clock definitely adds to the fun and extends the game. However, currently I think it is not really a dilemma. If you have the patience to take 10, 20, 30 clocks every once in a while there is always enough clocks that took less time to fetch than the time they add. In other words, if you keep eating clocks frequently enough, you probably always have enough time to add a few extra cats.