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is this game ever going to be updated again?


yes there working on more but it takes time to code, adds, and find out how to fix the bugs


Actually Artificer is on hold indefinitely. It's not likely we'll continue the game, sorry about that :(

its fine! kraft n slash has the same mechanics, plus fighting!


awwww thats sad well i hope something happenes so you can do more, well good luck on your future projects I love ur 3 games so far :)


Thanks, really appreciate that! We're definitely planning to do more story-driven games, so the spirit of Artificer isn't dead :P

well, i like how your games connect to each other so I hope you make more like that. love your stuff 

Kraft & Slash is just this game but with fightanance, anyways this game isss cool, just, it's, just less.

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