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Hi! remember me? I'm the guy who posted a comment saying i'm gonna make a review.  Don't worry, i'm still working on it, i just had a lot of crap to do. So yeah, i need help: So i finished 1.22 on light and heavy rain(as well as 1.11 on level void), and i saw some of the content was kinda missing(I saw the missing content on the 1.21 version video) and i figured out i need to download version 1.3. So my question is: can i transfer the save file? If yes, how can i do it?

By the way, i see you liked the game theory on kirby, but kirby can't be an ameba if he contains a whole universe inside of him: 

thanks, RitualDoll Studios.

EDIT: WOAH, it actually transfered my progress, thanks!

EDIT(2): So it seems no content was missing... ok. thanks anyways!

(2 edits)

Ah I see you figured it out :3

Just to be sure, you have the scenes where the main character and the tutorial robot talk to each other?  If you go into scenes and play all the tutorial ones  they should be different. That was pretty much all the new stuff.

(Edit) Oh I see you mean the 3 bosses that are missing? Those were not intended to be in the demo and I accidentally left them in for a short time.

And I know Kirby isn't supposed to be an ameba, but I just enjoyed watching the theory for fun ^^