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Ritualdoll Studios

A member registered Dec 30, 2017

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Hi! remember me? I'm the guy who posted a comment saying i'm gonna make a review.  Don't worry, i'm still working on it, i just had a lot of crap to do. So yeah, i need help: So i finished 1.22 on light and heavy rain(as well as 1.11 on level void), and i saw some of the content was kinda missing(I saw the missing content on the 1.21 version video) and i figured out i need to download version 1.3. So my question is: can i transfer the save file? If yes, how can i do it?

By the way, i see you liked the game theory on kirby, but kirby can't be an ameba if he contains a whole universe inside of him: 

thanks, RitualDoll Studios.

EDIT: WOAH, it actually transfered my progress, thanks!

EDIT(2): So it seems no content was missing... ok. thanks anyways!