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The game looks cool, but can you please not claim linux support when all you did what give a gamemaker project, without any compiled executable.

Edit: The desktop app seems to fails to launch it in browser properly. Making it in a short period of time is cool, but is it possible you could go back and do some tightening up?

Thanks for the comment.

If you are unable to run the HTML5 build on linux it may be something on your end, or maybe something on itch's end. You said you are trying to running it on the desktop app and it doesn't work?


The desktop app doesn't launch it right, but I went into the ~/.config/itch/apps/grave and ran it from there, it works in browser. It's something with the desktop app. I'll go to the github page later and see if anyone can figure it out.


See the thread at - there's a simple fix actually :)