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Hello there, I just wanted to say that I love so much this game and I can t wait for the fandisk and others games to come out. I wanted to play so much another from your company that i searched for Locked Heart ^^ It was an interesting one too. And, if you don t mind can you explain what the fandisk is about and will will be released because I understood it will be done until the end of this year :c

That s all, thank you for your hard work and for reading this message ^^

Hello. Thank you so much for playing our games!

The fandisk is an afterstory where you can see what happens after each route. It's an epilogue of sorts. We have no release date yet. Hopefully early this year.

Oh, I see. I can t wait for it and playing your future games ^^ Today i discovered that my friend played too Cinderella Phenomen x3 and I told my friends to play it too. I hope your games will get more attention with the time.