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Oh, I see. I can t wait for it and playing your future games ^^ Today i discovered that my friend played too Cinderella Phenomen x3 and I told my friends to play it too. I hope your games will get more attention with the time.

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Hello there, I just wanted to say that I love so much this game and I can t wait for the fandisk and others games to come out. I wanted to play so much another from your company that i searched for Locked Heart ^^ It was an interesting one too. And, if you don t mind can you explain what the fandisk is about and will will be released because I understood it will be done until the end of this year :c

That s all, thank you for your hard work and for reading this message ^^

I agree. I cried and after i saw them in after life =)


I just finished magical otoge anholly and i saw the melanie serie is coming. And now i see that it s iris too. OMG . I love your work and I hope you ll made more games ^^. I cried so much at anholly T^T. So to short my message. I m waiting for melanie and shisui. *^*