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I really loved this game and I'm glad I played it! Everyone is so loveable and the background art + music made me feel right at home in this sleepy fishing village.

I'm just gonna start by saying I really appreciate that there were fully-fledged non-romantic routes, and that the pg-13 option for the game actually involves different sprites, narration and dialogue instead of awkwardly skipping NSFW scenes. I'm not aro/ace spec myself but I thought it was great that the options were there for that -- and the non-romantic routes were so good, too! I do wish we got to see the Lady more in the other routes, but given her circumstances it's understandable that we don't. I'm sure everyone gets the chance to hang out with her some time after the true ending though :3


By the way, before I played I saw someone say that pursuing Burdoc every day leads to a bad ending and I was really sad because I thought that meant he didn't have a good ending -- I was delighted to realize that, actually, his good route was the polysexual one! 

Also, both the solo routes are really good (and sad ;A;): I think you do a disservice to yourselves describing them as "one ending," because they play out very differently and gave me tons of insight into Burdoc and Malik's characters. I went through Burdoc's first and expected something similar from Malik, only to feel increasingly uncomfortable when neither Tomai nor Malik tried to include Burdoc the same way Burdoc tried to include Malik.  Given their personalities, though (and the fact I was deliberately avoiding Burdoc), it makes perfect sense -- and it only made me more determined to make sure Burdoc knew that he was loved too!

[end spoilers]

All in all, this was really lovely and reaching the true ending made me feel warm and fuzzy. Congratulations on the stretch goals you've reached, and good luck in reaching the rest of them! C:

First of all-- thank you so much! We are both so happy and so pleased to hear you liked the game and checked out multiple endings too-- that's always really important to enjoying what this game has to offer I think! <3

*v*9 Arcade Party really has a knack for writing endings that are heart wrenching in the most realistic ways-- so I'm glad you got to experience one before experiencing more of the 'true' ending!

We definitely have more in store for The Lady but I don't want to say TOO much. (Tho we will definitely be able to see more of her thanks to some stretch goals; and that both Arcade Party and myself love the Lady and want more of her too!) Hehe!

I wish I had more to say in response but honestly I'm just very happy to hear you liked the game and everything you said was a ton of fun to read. I can't WAIT to release some stretch goal content and hear what you have to say! <3