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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the game :)

Truth is, the "Chapter 1" thing was just a way to set the game mood a bit more, especially given that it ends with a cliffhanger. However, some people have told me that they would like to know more about the story, so I may, in fact, continue the series at some point.

The simplicity in those details you mention were because of time. Sadly, I could only work in  the game during the last week of the IGMC, so I had to cut as many corners as I could and prioritize the vital aspects of the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!


Ah I see, well for a game made in one week this was really good!
I can only imagine what you could do if you had enough time to make it exactly as you wanted. ^^
I do hope you'll continue making games like this and I'm definitely going to one of those people that will be looking out for a new game in the series! :P OR any other rpg games like this. haha
Good luck!