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This is an amazing tile-set, but I was wondering if maybe you could add doors and maybe  some puzzle mechanics... nothing hard just  like a button and maybe like keys and spells. I know I just dropped a shopping list, but that would truly be epic!

This is actually a good list of things to be added but unfortunately I have little time recently. I believe I have some WIP doors for this tileset on my hard drive but only one direction looked good so I didn't added it yet. Anyway, it'll have to wait.

In any case I encourage you to try doing some tiles you need on your own, if you have little art experience (as you've mentioned in another comment) there is no better way to start than with 16x16 pixel art because it's super easy to create something decent almost by an accident.

Finger crossed for you project!

Hey 8-bit im working on a game with it and if u want i can send u my edited version, im quite good at adding to tile sets