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Hi, thanks for making this fun game. Although Audrey sort of irritated me at first, I did end up liking her in the end. Plus, I live in New York, so I'm glad it was mentioned. I also liked the use of colors ( but don't take any of what I say too seriously).

One problem though...

(Sort of) SPOILERS

How do you get the third ending? I got 5 scrapbook pages and have no idea what to do with them. I saw from the other comment the dialogue has to be like for ending 2, but I'm stuck. Please help.

There's one more scrapbook page you need to get! Here's a hint... they tend to appear in locations where important cutscenes take place.

I finally found it! (It took me forever to find the one in the park.) It's an adorable ending for an adorable game (and I always wondered what he had to say about his "girlfriend" from before).