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thanks! and thanks for participating!

Finally done lol I don't know how to make it smaller but you get the gist

Sorry haha I'm not used to drawing guys I'll try to have it done by like tomorrow or after tmr

Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted somebody to draw a character for them? You could describe them or show a sketch. You could use them for whatever, I just wanted some practice drawing. 

Anyone else unable to play the game and hasn't played the demo? I'm starting the demo now and it loads perfectly fine while the full game is unplayable for me as in it takes forever to load and then crashes. Hopefully it'll work after the demo or something.

I finally found it! (It took me forever to find the one in the park.) It's an adorable ending for an adorable game (and I always wondered what he had to say about his "girlfriend" from before).

Hi, thanks for making this fun game. Although Audrey sort of irritated me at first, I did end up liking her in the end. Plus, I live in New York, so I'm glad it was mentioned. I also liked the use of colors ( but don't take any of what I say too seriously).

One problem though...

(Sort of) SPOILERS

How do you get the third ending? I got 5 scrapbook pages and have no idea what to do with them. I saw from the other comment the dialogue has to be like for ending 2, but I'm stuck. Please help.