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Got to say I am impressed with how much fun I had playing this demo and I can't wait for this project of yours to be completed.

Though I do have a few questions, if you don't mind me asking.

Q1: if you had a name for each of the clockwork dolls what are the current ones called?

Q2: and will there be hidden lore behind all of this within the doll house?


I'm happy that you enjoyed the demo! : )

There was some extra lore per monster type and items that you can read in the Easter Demo (last year Easter).
You could collect easter eggs and every egg comes with a 3D model that you can check in and "extras" tab in the main menu.
This feature will probably return in the full game : )
You can see some of the models and descriptions in the video below.
The person who made this video didn't press "Action" when the model was selected to see it in full screen and control the camera around it.