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can't wait to see the fantasy parts added in the future

Okay thank you.

How did you show the professions command on the menu?

Okay. Thank you.

Think Persona's Personality grid.

Something like this.  Only using the Professions Plugin to show what level each section of your personality is at.

Something That I'm curious about is, could you add any type of proficiency that you (Creators in general) add, say Knowledge, that would be, okay?

The courtyard outside the "hospital" only shows the gate to yurnham and the gate from yurnham to probably the first boss doesn't load properly.

Got to say I am impressed with how much fun I had playing this demo and I can't wait for this project of yours to be completed.

Though I do have a few questions, if you don't mind me asking.

Q1: if you had a name for each of the clockwork dolls what are the current ones called?

Q2: and will there be hidden lore behind all of this within the doll house?