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Try having SteamVR running before you launch the gAme?

Ah, I was launching from the itch app.  Once I launched directly from the .exe I was fine. Looks like the itch app launches into non-VR mode perhaps, as I it was going straight into the aircar, instead of the initial "standing/seated etc menu. Just need to recenter VR now (Im above the aircar), but I will start digging around for keybinds. Thanks for advice. Cheers.

I haven't been able to find a way to recenter the VR with keys. If I lie on my floor I can manage to be inside the air car and press "start" which then does recenter me, but I'm hoping for an easier method.

Its a bug that just snuck back in this update.  :(
Try recentering from the steam menu if possible.