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Just a report: at apartment 4 (with the fly) I spawn outside the room, so I cannot see my hands. Steam recenter places me in the same position. If I walk far away, recenter, then return to original position I can enter the room by clipping through the door, but my hands are far away across the room, and it's not really viable to do anything. Turning controllers on and off doesn't help. Controller walking/turning doesn't work (because I guess I am stuck in the wall or something), but I can physically change my viewpoint by walking IRL. Happens every time. I can't get into this room (properly). Thanks, as always.

I haven't been able to find a way to recenter the VR with keys. If I lie on my floor I can manage to be inside the air car and press "start" which then does recenter me, but I'm hoping for an easier method.

Ah, I was launching from the itch app.  Once I launched directly from the .exe I was fine. Looks like the itch app launches into non-VR mode perhaps, as I it was going straight into the aircar, instead of the initial "standing/seated etc menu. Just need to recenter VR now (Im above the aircar), but I will start digging around for keybinds. Thanks for advice. Cheers.

Video on screen instead of in HMD for WMR headset. Any tips?