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Hey there. Thats a bug thats only effecting index. Will have it fixed before the end of the week. Sorry for the trouble.

Hmm. Thanks for the report. Not sure what that is.
Looking into it.

We'll have you covered. Right now all that stuff is in a half finished state. Its us, not you ;)
Soon the scanner will work and the quests will make sense.

Hi!, sorry for the huge delay on this response.
If you send me an email to my name here at I can get you in the discord and help sort some of these out. 
Ill take a short shot at some of it here.

1. Need to let my programmer know this. Weve had nothing but problems with recentering on steam

2. First Ive heard of this. Can you adjust your IPD manually?

3. You dont have to reload the gun. Just buy or find some more ammo. It holds 99 shots.

4. For sure. Still a lot of work to be done on that area. You'll be able to completely customize it eventually.

5. For some reason steam defaults to 110+ super sampling. Lower it to 100% and you should be fine. Steam overlay does indeed cause issues.

Again, sorry for the delay. Please do join us in discord if you can.

Hey. That's a weird one. You know what video card you have?
Either way, yes, we have a discord. Send an email to my name here at and I'll get you an invite. Sorry for the toruble.

Thanks for the report. It's been fixed and will be in the next build :)

You can either download the whole thing again through the website, or you can use the itch app(recommended), which will just patch the updates. 

Thank you for the support and feedback :)

Hi. We're looking into this problem. Thank you for the support and the bug report :)

Awesome. Thank you :) Updating it right now.

Thanks so much :)Every day I'm, hustlin'
Will get it done. :)

Awesome Thank you :)
Have you tried the Agency demo? If not, I'll post it to patreon. I should do that anyway.

Unfortunately, this particular game wont be ported to mobile hardware any time soon. It requires a gaming rig to play. That said, as I'm sure you're aware, we're making a spin-off experience for Quest called AGENCY, which is still early in development.

Also, thank you :)

Maybe. Were looking into it. The issue is that the videos have to be transcoded to a specific format for unity to use them. 
I dunno. Like I said. We'll look into it.

Putting out a new build tonight that addresses the centering issue using SteamVR. Sorry about that.
You can also manually recenter using the steam VR overlay though.

Hey Wigg. It's not working when loaded through the itch App. You need to have SteamVR running, then launch the LOW-FI.exe. Sorry for the trouble.

Not, thats a different game.

I hate to say it, but there's something wrong with your computer. BSOD is caused by a hardware issue, not software. The game should run at 90hz even on a 1080. Many users have reported such. I have no experience with the G2, so I can't really help there, but a 2080ti is more than powerful enough on any other HMD.

What CPU do you have and what's the temperature of it? Might be an issue there.

You need to point your finger. (hold down grip button).

Yes, thats me. I forgot to lock the door! lol

Its marked on your map at the end of the black water canal near Chinatown as a map icon.

Hmm.. moving forward walking or flying? If walking, then where? You should be more than fine with that setup. Maybe try a reboot? lol

Its a bug that just snuck back in this update.  :(
Try recentering from the steam menu if possible.

Try having SteamVR running before you launch the gAme?

Thank you for this report!

The app. It's its own app, like Ateam.

Soonish, yes. A lot of users want to experience the new content without spoiling too much, so a lot of the quest stuff isnt live.A lot of it will come together all at once.

We just added guns to the cruiser and will have those action sequences and procedural crimes in sooner.

There's a volume bar right above the station icons :)

Thats right. I mean, there's like a tiny bit of the opening quest, but, no major spoilers.

If you use the app it only downloads the changes.

I clicked it anyway!
Beautiful :)

No the game wont mine ETH :P You can mine in game crypto as a gameplay mechanic. haha

Yep, may happen eventually.

Its not in the game yet. Next build

Just an in game mechanic. 

Oh.. and you'll be able to mine crypto currency in game as a secondary currency. Its not finished yet.

You'll be able to mine crypto currency in game as a secondary currency. It's only half finished right now.

Wait.. have you tried the latest build and the auto centering isnt working? Because yes, you shouldnt have to reset every time you switch between areas. No floating.

The HUD thing was a bug, dont worry about it if you didnt see it. lol

Ya, I know its a pain. I mean, by the time the game is released, hopefully eveything will make sense in gamer and you dont have to worry about keeping up.

If you want to join our discord, message me at my name here at gmail dot com and Ill send you an invite. Its probably the best way to keep up with changes etc.

ah sweet. Yes it does help. Thanks for the report.

Hmm.. lets chalk it up to being alpha. Will try to sort it asap.

Thanks for the report.

Right now it's just 'E' to interact with things by putting the cursor on them. TAB brings up the HUD. The rest is pretty standard first person controls I think.