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Thank you so much for the super kind words! Really glad that you've enjoyed the world that we've created and the aesthetic we gave to it! We're really proud of how it came out and yes, our artist wanted to create a blimp in the style of Cpt. Jawline himself. 😛

We have some more plans for the game that we've been talking about and would like to share in the future! The comment right before yours shows a small teaser to what we're currently working on. We've been thinking of writing potential Developer Insights like we've done for some of our previous games for Townseek to showcase a bit of the behind-the-scenes of the game like you're asking. However, since we're currently busy with the game we haven't scheduled them yet! 

Alternatively, we also sometimes share WIPs and other things in the #whales-chat room over at our Discord server in case you're curious to check it out! If you have more ideas of content (mechanics/town themes) you would like to see, do let us know!

Hope that you continue following the game, and we hope to have more to show in the future! Cheers! 🐳


You're welcome! Your plans for the "Developer Insights" sound great, I'll check out your Discord server as well. :) And yes, of course I saw your latest teaser pic - looks great! Maybe you could add a crew as well? Or it could be a goal, to persuade some crew mates from each town to join the air ship crew...
What I forgot to ask/ say: The burnt forest - the "burning tree" in the middle, that was a reference to Aku from Samurai Jack, right? If yes ---- I loved that SO much!!! :')


Hah! We're unsure about crews yet, but we've been brainstorming some ideas of how we can have character be more involved with towns and how you trade. 🦈 And yes, the burning forest is a reference to such-named shapeshifting master of darkness. 👀

Glad to have you around! Cheers! 🐳