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We've been thinking about some mechanics like that, yes! For example, we've been playing with the idea of towns having "on-demand items" over time-intervals that would increase the value of an item sold by a lot. 🤔

Items in the game right now do have internal categories, and towns will fluctuate their prices differently depending on those items' categories. Though with so many items, I guess it's not really easy to make the guess or notice the change. We will have to look into ways to make it more obvious!

Thank you so much for the suggestion though, and we do hope you keep up with future news we might have for the game! Cheers! 🐳


How about a simple indicator for items more valued? A '+' sign in front of items the town values more. Eventually you could even extend that more... '-' would indicate items they do not want. Even maybe eventually go with '+++', '++', '+' (or '-') to indicate how much the town values that item. (I.E., a first time player can most likely guess the meaning of '+' and '-'.)

Yep! Someone actually suggested something similar bellow, and we're already thinking on how we can implementing better queues so that trading becomes more readable! Still though, thank you for the suggestion! 🐳