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My local multiplayer game is on sale and is pretty action packed.

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Could you please add some video on your game page please?

Totally not going to break my page design, but I popped in a link to my Youtube channel with a bunch of sample videos. Here's one big chaotic 8p one from M+Dev which is the Wisconsin gamedev conference.

And here's a more technical 1v1 that's (still fast), but explains a lot of the more technical aspects of part of the combat (melee).

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My holidays have had big fun party games since Mario Kart 64, so :)

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In absolutely NO definition of "game" (being an academic one or not) are games required to be "action packed", my friend. Neither they are required to be "fun", which is just an emotion of the dozens or hundreds we can feel or express..

Can you imagine how bad the movie industry would be if all movies were to be "action packed"?