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Great work!

I don't like how the download dialog pops up. Is it possible to integrate with the main window?

I didn't know about LICEcap. Thank you.

Can I use Open Broadcaster to make GIF?

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Could you please add some video on your game page please?

I am requesting a button to add a game to a wishlist(similar to Steam wishlist).  Currently I can do it by adding it to a custom collection named 'Wishlist', but having a button would make it more convenient.


Thanks for the features.

Is there any plan in the future to auto deploy Github releases on itch directly?

Ah, now I know why my game suddenly ended.

Could you please add a game play video?

Yes, the discrepancy is a bit odd.

When I click the install button on the itch desktop app, it doesn't ask for payment.

Can you post some video?

Is there any way to trigger game download on my desktop client via the website?

I don't use the internal web browser on the client, but I am always on chrome or firefox. It would be great to initiate download remotely through the website. Now I copy the link and paste it to the internal itch browser to quick access to download.