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I've tried playing your game, but unfortunately after a while the text all scrolls through very quickly whenever I examine or do any other actions on things. I restarted a couple times and experienced the same thing. I'll look forward to playing an updated version whenever this is fixed.

Hi arceus444,

I never encountered such a bug... so for now, I don't know what it is...

The dialogs skip too fast, right?
Normally, they are skipped automatically after a certain duration except if you click on a keyboard key or on a mouse button...
Do they skip without any keyboard or mouse input?

You can try this :
- options -> change the dialog speed
- on the main screen, press F : it will switch to windowed mode. Then exit and restart the game, to play it in a window

Could you please report if it is of any help?


I've tried again with your suggestions, but still encountered the same problem. The dialogues flip through almost instantly, so 3 or 4 lines of text go by in a fraction of a second, without any keyboard or mouse input. Changing the dialogue speed and windowing the game didn't seem to have any effect. Restarting it does seem to alleviate the issue temporarily, so hopefully I can play through the rest in that way.



So, even with with the dialog speed set to "Click to skip dialog", it does the same? It's really weird...
When dialog skips too fast, does all the game go to fast, or just the dialogs?

Only the dialogues. Walking around seems to work okay still. I got most of the way through the game but got stuck (not due to a glitch or anything as far as I can tell, just not sure what to do next) so I'll have to wait for a walkthrough.

Hi arceus444,

I haven't find the bug's cause yet but I'm searching. What version of Windows do you use?

Also, I asked the developer of the game engine. The bug could be the consequence of using the Alt+Tab combination, to switch from another window.
When switching back to the game, there's a bug letting the game think a key is still pressed... and the consequence is that it skips the dialogs...

Oh that's probably the issue then. It didn't happen every time I tabbed back and forth between windows, but it's quite possible that could be the culprit. I'm on Windows 10 Home, if that helps.

I did quite enjoy the game (for the most part) and finished though. It was a very interesting/different experience as to what I was expecting initially, and I liked how it surprised me. I'm hoping to review it in more depth soon.