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Honored to hear your interest :D.
Yep, I can't push myself as much as I did during the month of the contest, but I'm still working on it as a longterm-ish project, lowering the initial learning curve and smoothing out the difficulty growth among other things, to create an easier entry point overall.
Once I have a more solid foundation/entry point I'll be releasing that and adding content/boss conquests/classes over time.
Here's a short WIP video of the class selection which is the biggest initial change :).


Nice! ;)
The IGMC was a nice start for something bigger, I have to say. Quidget 2.0 is already in the making as well.
Good luck with the game!

Thanks :)!
Yeah. It also would have been a good opportunity in your case I imagine to share a point of reference for people to look at, as you make progress on the bigger game. Gives them a sneak peak at the world/characters they can look forward to :).
Thanks a lot :D, good luck with your project and future endeavors too ^^!