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It was sweet and complexe, it really wasn't the typicol story about tragedy; monsters, big challenges. More like a glance into someone's life in a foreign land.

Kinda refreshing ! Kind of reminded me of a few animes like Somali or Kino no tabi. About weird lands and travellers going through.

The art was really pretty, althought the face weren't super expressive maybe.

Also it may be the fact that I'm not a native speaker, but I sometimes had issues following the text as we constantly floating from someone standpoint to the other. I think it's easier to follow when narration's is only describing one standpoint at the time - just a random though of a non-writter tho.


Glad you enjoyed it! We're proud of how the sprites and backgrounds turned out, as well as the music. The expressions of certain characters were meant to be a bit more subtle than others, so we can see where one might express themselves in what could be perceived as a limited way.

Perspective changes can be a bit tricky at times, but we tried mitigating that problem by having the narration be mainly from the point of view of the largest sprite on screen.