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It means a lot to me you took time to explain, I feel pampered <3

I also feel like I understand again the story !

I though she wasn't "that" pushy because she just suggested stuff without pushing thaat much. But guess she shows a lot of her "true" color on the demon stuff (although it could be simply explained by... panic). 

Haaa ! I wish jams where longers ! - Anyway, hoping to enjoy more stories from you again :)

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The whole package : ambiance, beautiful graphics without being gaudy, dark but not gory, and a subtle  story with a relatable MC <3

I came from a long row of un-ending beautiful and superficial VN, so it's like, "wow, I didn't know it, but I craved for this kind of story !".

Althought I wonder if I got the gist of what you wanted to say. Like. I didn't really get the unhealty relationship part. Is it because her friend is always helping her onesidedly ?

I'm not sure it's *that* unhealty ? She's hardly dependant, she has a lot of pride, a house, even a work...


In the central scene where you get in argument with your friend that kisses you, I felt a bit frustrated by the "no avalaible option" after you say you won't abandon your relationship with the demon.

In MC's shoes, I'd totally stop her from leaving, because I don't want to lose any of them. I think I'd slump in front of the car and show how much of a mess I am. No pride. The whole "I'm a mess, I want to talk it out, I just can't cut off the people I love, including you. You'll have to make me, and it will be easy, because I'm so tired and sad. Roll on me if I care. Or let's talk it off inside instead ? Your pick."

Anyway. I wish I had this option, because my depressed self is like that : no self-esteem. Numb but also, afraid of being even more so losing people (... I guess it could turn ugly, like. No self esteem is disgusting to a lot of people, or a ticket for abuse T_T)..


On the critic side, I found weird she'd talk about work stuff being late, and then, just tossing it aside as if it wasn't there ?

Aherm. And thank you for the trip.

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Didn't really felt the girl love part, but this is a cozy time, nice dialogues, and a cool minimalist vibe. Loved it, thanks for making it !

> I am a witch...

> Bitch.

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I second that !

One little critic : the music was too high ? My earbuds were out and I could hear them do "BRHSSSH" all the while.

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The MC voice is to fall for. The text is quirky and flows nicely ! <3

I'm not so found of how fucked up some endings are, but I guess it's because it just makes me feel bad being remembered how hard it is for girls to live under masculinism...

I wish there were some empowering self-deserving ending about fucking over pig's culture other than plain cynism (but I know, it would defeat the whole point :<).

I'd say "this is super cool - and kinda disgusting too".

Thanky thanks ! ~

No translation I guess ? :(

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Good visual, even if maybe a bit tooooo animated for immersion (waving harms endlessly is kinda overblown for showing joy) ? :o

I thought the story was kinda sweet albeit a bit simple. I liked the music bits ; I would have extracted it if I had the patience

It was kinda fun. But the gaming part was like "make a monotower in 20 seconds". Which was kinda too easy when you get the trick. While trying to make anything else seemed darn impossible.

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I found the story kinda weird and superficial since the presentation of the cast, and then I stopped. I guess it felt too rought ? I couldn't get into it :(

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It's been so long I don't remember clearly why, but I remember how promising I thought the demo was, and how the text file I saw in the same universe gave me butterflies !

Thanks again for making it possible despite... Tiredness 'n all ? Looking forward for a nice story ! I know it'll be a nice one !

I think you're right. I don't know what I was thinking ! I never thought I'd say to someone "you should act more smug to fit my artist cliché !" T_T

I just saw your video bouncing back on the "humble" word.

I kind of think of "humble" as in "you don't seem to acknowledge how good you are doing".

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you look defensive ?

Where is the "I'm pretty proud of how turned out, I'm so good sometime ! What ? You didn't like some of it ? *Shrugh* I stand on this one !".

Hum. Confidence, boastingon some good stuff or idea you are proud about ? Disagreeing about a critic ? I think the lack of it compared to the quality of what I met made me think "woaah. Aggravated humility over there !".

Anyyyway. It's just my personal take, I don't rule out I'm deeply mistaking. Text based interactions can sometimes do that. ^^

...This is so long. So good. Oh darn. The writing effort put into this is nimbling.

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Your are the most thoughtful of all !

I felt so insensitive in retrospect leaving such a mixed comment while you are so... Kind, humble, and hardworking  person? Looks that way from where I stand - anyway. Thanks you again for sharing your art and time, it's <3 every time !

You make huge game plans every time, it's scary how big you see things even on jams, honestly ^^'

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I'll be the linux tryer ! When my broken proletarian connexion will allow me !


While fighting the boss, I clicked twice on the left branch. Got this error :

A few time I was stuck after clicking "interact" and had to go "unscroll" to unblock (there is no text but clicking doesn't do a thing). I don't know why it happens, I couldn't make out what produced the outcome.

No bug afterward, I think.

The "click somewhere you want to interact with" message was a bit too much triggered every single time, I would remove it after the first time.

The rugged glove was... Tiny alright. I had to strain my eyes after being convinced it was a bug ^^'

The enigma with the book. Oh my god. I'm a gardener and naturalist, I thought it'd be easy. It wasn't. I had to have it spelled out to me. I never would have made this kind of association. X_X

The boss plant seemed weird to me. I tried saying every good thing to the black flower, then every bad to the white. Win. I then tried the reverse. Worked. I have no clue how to fail the test.

I also tried to be the most spiteful and rebelious partner. I couldn't make him being mad and could even exchange saliva to the end ! I expected clash :(

On the mechanic/artistic side, I've nothing but praises (even if most enigmas were lost on me, I failed half of it). On the writing side I felt it was... Kinda unatural/shallow ? Compared to what I felt on Soul Union that is ; the heroine seemed like un impatient child and the companion like one of theses puppy that can't get mad at you. I couldn't grant them substantiality.

Ho my gosh. This is one mastodont of a game. With beautiful CGs, illustrations of coffee brewing, alternate outcomes, and -wow- acceptable to great voicing.

I understand the "heavy" pricing (for a VN) now... It's the biggest project I ever had the pleasure to play on - and boy it's rich <3

I'm surprised of the choice of making such an hardcore project with talented people all the way, on silly premises : just watching at the story from afar wasn't very sexy. The first 10min of game were kinda cringe to me (despite the beautiful effects). And then "wow".

I'm a bit sad about the 4th wall shattering and the  stuff about heavy masculinist flirting. I guess I can't but admire how the writter(s ?) did to make it emotional and enticing while acting on silly arbitrary premises.

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I must say I agree. The story and the art ARE top notch, the engine tho is worst than most renpy's amateur projects I tried.

It didn't spoil my experience, but I had to play stiring my eyes quite a bit.

Also the choices felt kinda wasted on me, I've got a gentle hearth, I'm too affraid of bad endings.

I don't remember and that fact is very scary to me !

Thank you so much ! And take care ; i'll always be eager to see more from you :)

...I'm a bit mad I couldn't find a hidden key after that much re-dos :<

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Haha, it's always a mix of honor and disbelief to be able to be read by the actual creator of material I enjoyed, it's kinda overwhelming in a good sense. I admire you precious people so much ! <3

Praise be for your work. I personnally thinks it's a fine piece. There were a lot of crash on the way, but I <really don't mind>, it's trivial, what mattered to me is how much work was put into details, how the hard mode was balanced (in fact rushing, the easy mode could be quite hard too !). And the story of course ! I wouldn't have cared much if it would have been "simpler" in fact. I could have done without interactive map, RTS parts 'n all. It's cool it was here, I just think as a "smalltime dev" it'd be a pain to maintain so much layers of intertwined stuff !

It was so cool to take "weird routes" (killing rilliane for instance and let myself jailed) to see you had scripted a special bit for this special case.

My biggest question for you would be on alternate endings, i really want to see it all ! Iis there an alternate ending with Rilliane where she recovers/face her past ? I was about thiiis to remake an entire run with Rilliane in evil mode when I saw you could upgrade the staff as a lich staff and Rilliane says something like "heh I knew it", like if she started to get really twisted ^^'
And with the artifacts ? (blue/red balls and Altar which heal you if you are in angel mode) - I didn't interacted with them every time now that I think of it and I wonder if there was something to it.

(also for the wiki I worked on this week, it's self hosted and... Some farmer struck my phoneline theses past days so my website was down ! It's up now. But you won't find much, it's really just sloppy fanwork ;..;

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You may have spared me 1h of useless run, thanks :D

BTW as fellow overachiever of this game, do you know if there is an alternate ending with Rilliane where she remember her dark past ? In the good ending + romance with her, it finishes with a "your past doesn't matter". But I just saw the staff could enable a special "dark rilliane skin", so maybe it triggers another end ?

Is there an english version ? Thanks !

It might be nothing. it might even not be doors but shrines ! :o
There are 3 it's the map where you get to kill captain Ismael, and where you can loot a book, or go downstair where there is a bunch of money and two "balls" one blue one red which you can pray.

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I started a wiki page here :

It's very partial and amateurish, but some stuff are complete & sure (I extracted the game data for the CGs confirmation : I missed none !)

For the story part, I couldn't do it right. Took too much strenght out of me to "re:re:re:do things". ^^'

The biggest frustration of all : I'm not sure Malayna can be jealous of Gaia. I tried to make it this way, but I couldn't, and on evil path there is not a lot of flowers I could give to even the affection between the two. :(

Thanks a bunch ! I played it 3 times already from start to finish and I can tell how much love was poured inside of it, I really wanted to see most of it (and I'm pretty sure I still mised some).

This kind of game is what make me love games. But I also find it kind of sad the technicity of it made it hard for you :(

I hope you are doing great. I'm kind of sad you don't have more visibility and that there are no "wiki entry" with walkthrought and tip&tricks and discussion around it.

I'm doing a wiki of my latest run and I feel kind of overwhelmed "I should play it again to make it right hurrrh" :o

A LOOOOT of CG hidden in the bad endings too. I never seen any game do that before :o

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Nah I couldn't reciprocate, ended the game with no problem (but one glitch : the MC goes invisible after I rased the before-last city until I go to sleep somehow)

I just got gae bolg (triggered just after chapter 19 when exiting the hell dimension). I'm not arrived to any war map yet  ~ (which one btw ?)

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Unsolved mysteries for me :

- Books : there are 4-5 books scattered in the game. Some you can read, 2 at least you can't. I didn't found any way to use them (I'll write them down when I come across)

- Prison in the scorpion's village ? Couldn't find a way. May be nothing. Also 

- Bunch of locked doors, but I guess it's nothing

- One of the jail at the starting point is locked but inidcate "the key is too small" when trying to open, hinting it may be openable with another. Or not. But maybe

- Didn't find much use of the Matriarch key but to open Matriarch's home (but may be normal)

- One time the door on the left of the tower opened (by the scropion's Matriarch) with the lake where you can throw stuff into it. Didn't figured what triggered it.

- Who is Tsarmina ? We get a drawing of her and the hero very early with "she might have clues". I have a guess, but it imply to remake another entire run  (I'm getting to be an expert of the game soon... Well almost, considering all the things I might have missed)

-What is the "Corruption" scroll for ?

I found a looot of glitches, but I guess it'd be a nightmare for the dev to go back to it. Anyway, no fatal glitch yet that a reload couldn't fix !

Gae bolg ? I don't remember this name (and I'm currently doing it for the 3rd time, my memory is a mess >_<)

Did you try to exit the game and load again ?

I finished the game once as a "moderate (all good choices but sucking all souls) and all good choice in romance" and another as totally good (angel bonus stuff) with the priest as lone love interest. Without unavoidable bugs (still there were glitches needing restart of the game sometimes).

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Nice ! Thank you very very mch ! I should have thought of it !
I find it a bit astonishing how little walkthrough or talk about this game I could find.

This game isn't straightforward, I'm doing a second run and I think I'll need two more to see most alternatives endings (and I wonder If being angelic/demonic triggers yet other endings depending the romance states, urrgh).

There is one more thing I wonder ; just after demolishing the "engine" and just before killing the captain tracking you since the start, you get "blue doors" that "seems yo judge you". When I tried to interact with any object, my game crashed. Is there something there ?

I'm about "this" to go see if I can lurk into the code, because replayability takes it tolls. But I'm so very curious about the alternative scenes.

The game being super polished 'n all, you can feel the effort poured inside ! <3

Any other idea of hidden little mecanism I could have missed ? Don't spoil if you have, just give pointers please ! :p

I started taking notes ! I hope it'll be of use of some alternate me someday !

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13h of gameplay and... I'm stuck in a the cave (the one bordering the sea where we get throw off by a suicid bomber).

Is there a trick to it or is it a bug I can't tell, but I'm on a apex of frustration, this was so fun, i will have to redo it at some point. But 13h, gaaahT_T

EDIT : Restart the whole game instead of reloading the saved ones repaired it.

Big "YAY" to this super bigass work. Althought I'm a bit frustrated by the "mecanic part". It was great first but now I want to try other variants, and I'm nooot super looking after all the fights. Guess I'll set super easy. Mhm :x

Yet. Thanks. Thanks thanks thanks. (also the RTS part ? Fun in theory. In practicallity everything was easely done with 3 archers only >_<

I can't believe there was no polyamourous goodending ! But I guess I got it "in the face" and now I need my good ending :o

I'm very surprised. Didn't anybody bother to write a wallkthrought ?

I'll make it if there is none !

Someone knows how to destory the wall ? In the cave of the scorpid village ? (it's optionnal but it frustrates meee !)

I was a bit upset with yuka's ending, felt half-through :o

Right ? I thought the same ! Scary :o

Short and direct, yet i loved the writing and drawing very much ! Quality stuff :)

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Je crois que c'est ma première fois à lire une VN en français ^^'

...Mais si l'art est beau, je suis vraiiment pas fan de l'écriture. C'est un mélange assez chaotique de style, mais particulièrement les dialogues m'ont fait beaucoup de moment où "pause. J'ai bien lu ? Personne dirait ça !".

Ça m'a un peu fait penser aux pièces de thâtre ultra caricaturales avec un style que personne n'utiliserai au quotidien. Mais du coup ça m'a drôlement perturbé du début à la fin x)

New short scene ? Are they the last change to come on already released route or not ? I hope there will, but I get why they won't, fun must end some day :<

Now I satiated my first love interest (Sofia <3) I kind of feel like waiting for the whole thing to be finished anyway. Looking forward to taste the other stuffs !