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Review: The Added gaming peripheral of Realistic Purring Cat Laying on Arm (sold at local pet store, some assembly required) added much to the experience, with seamless integration. The flavor text added much to distracting me from the problems humanity currently faces, such as Global Warming, the Rise of Facism, and Whether or Not One Likes Playstation or Xbox Better. Each time I played, the dungeon looked the same (But who am I to question The Algorithm? Only a knave would do such a foolish thing.) The graphics are moving and visually stunning, quite an accomplishment for -37 bit graphics (Which, when infared was displayed onto the screen, let me see into the cosmic infinite, and thus through time itself) and the music rivalled the cinematic masterpiece Bladerunner 2049. Simply stunning that this could be done by one person.

It was satisfying to complete, and I am now fulfilled in life, and God will finally let me into Heaven after all these years so I may see my beautiful wife again, who was so cruelly taken from me on a cold foggy night in 1963 by a Man Wishing to Collect a Debt. Oh, God, every time I try to leave this cruel place, you keep me here for your own selfish purposes! What is my life to you?! Some plaything?!

I rate it 5/4.57 rolls of tape with spooky eyeball designs printed onto it that have been in a box in the attic (Labelled "Larping Supplies") for the last 7 years.


god this freaking comment is probably longer than all the text in the game put together and i don't know what to think about that