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Completely unplayable for me. I don't think this is any fault of the game itself, per say, but rather there's just so much detail and quality put into it that it overloaded my pitiful netbook, and froze it for a full 10 minutes after snakey guy showed up to take me to Lord Stitches. I also noticed (and I think this has to do with lag) that while trying to move the characters, it was like I was dragging a 5-ton boulder by my ankles. It was painfully slow.

I hope it's easier on the hardware in the future, or maybe a console version will be made available, I'd really love to be able to play some day.

THAT BEING SAID! Everything I was able to experience was simply fantastic! The music was wonderful, the animation as the characters moved was smooth (when it wasn't lagging), and the artwork is admirable to say the least. I really love the comedy and self-awareness, and the blood gushing from "Scarf Boy's" apparently smashed head was shocking. but fantastic in a morbid way. I loved every detail of what little I was able to experience. Keep up the great work!

Sorry to hear that, we are working on optimizing the game as much as we can.
Thank you for playing!