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Awesome update! It’s great to see my suggestion about healing implemented. Thank you! I like how you made it a power up. It doesn’t simplify the game very much, but it makes you not give up when you are on very low health.

The rail gun is awesome! I wish it was the default weapon. :-P

I also like the crosses, they serve as markers to indicate where you were, which helps with navigation a lot.

This actually made me to play a bit longer. It’s been a while since I was holding the first place! :-)


Glad to hear you like it!

The rail gun is my favorite weapon too. Luckily it's a relatively common power-up. Its sound and visual effects could still use some minor tweaking. I don't think it _feels_ powerful enough..

Congratulations on the #1 high score! I don't think I can reach those numbers myself :D