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Anuken, your game is just mind-blowingly amazing! But I realized that a few players here are having difficulty understanding certain mechanics of the game, so may I please have the permission to create a Wikia about the game as a guide to users who are new to the game? Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I'm the same Luxray5474 in GitHub

that sounds great could you tell me when you start? `

I'll start when he gives permission, lol. Currently, in the new beta, he has more elaborate defenitions and descriptions of blocks in the game, and he might not want a Wiki as a result. But then again, maybe he might XD

Bottom line, if he gives me permission to do so, then I'll start making it ASAP.

Yes, of course! Even though the new block information boxes help a little, they still don't have things like map descriptions, strategies, enemy information or more detailed info on block usage. If you want, I can add a link to the wiki on this game page, once you've created it.

Wiki now available! LINK!!!