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"The End." With a sense of finality, I put down my gameboy, and stare at the wall with an empty expression. I draw in a deep breath and let it out. I feel an ache in my belly. I think about what the game has taught me. I think about my childhood, innocently playing games, in another world from the one I live in now. I think about all the times I've been worried about passing on the bus. I think about all the rest of my life I have to live. I let out another deep breath, then shut off my gameboy with a click and a pop, and turn towards the computer, hands pausing above the keys as I think of what to say.


I already sort of knew the message that this game conveys, but your production pushed it further into my heart. It's painful to know and be confronted with, and yet it gives me a form of hope. A hope that I can move past thinking about my gender for other people. A hope that I can truly enjoy gender for myself. I expect this will stay in my heart for a while.

Thank you, thank you for the game.


Thank you so much for playing my game. I know that parts of it were painful but I think the process of loving you for yourself is a worthwhile thing to try to experience. 

Also I am super amazed you played this game on real gameboy hardware. The nerd in me finds that to be the coolest thing ever.

Also I'm sorry about the delay in replying, my life is really intense at times so I get distracted.

It's all good, I completely understand the pressures of life. Don't feel that you have to take every opportunity, that you have to respond to everything. I'm just pleased that you made me feel things. Best of luck in your future, Taylor.