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It reminds me The End Is Neigh.
Interesting game, however I'm finding two major issues with it.

1. The graphics are quite messy. I often miss what is what. I'd suggested to move all these moving particles into the background and and give them darker color.
2. Is it only me, or there is a serious input lag?


* With colors: I've used only 3 colors for the whole game. Tho, you can change them in the pause menu (press enter). There are some more contrast themes.

* Lag: maybe, that's the issue with your browser :X Anyway, I'm adding binary builds today ;)

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Three colors for the whole game, you say?
Kinda like one of my projects for Color Scheme Jam -
However I'm gonna have only three colors at once, and they will change between the stages.

Released a lil patch.


What else I can advise you is to make palette change option not return you to the game. It's pretty annoying to press enter, down arrow and X repeatably.

Oh, I'm really sorry, but I can't change anything here :X Because this stuff is handled by the PICO-8 it self. But yeah, I would love to see that in the further PICO-8 releases. Thanks for the tips ;) 


Well, I don't know PICO-8 very much.

BTW, I wondered why many PICO-8 games look extraordinarily. Does it just happen so that people who are good artists make games in PICO-8 and know the language inside out, or it's just that easy to create eye-catching graphics?