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It is possible I am doing something wrong, of course, but the window is never transparent here.

I am using Windows 7 (64 bit). I do have Visual Studio installed, so theoretically, it might be referencing debug runtime DLLs, but that seems unlikely. The video card is Intel 4 Series Express, which may be incompatible with the GLES library you are using, but I do not have enough to test that. It is not throwing an error, it believes it is running correctly and does not generate an error.log file.

Thank you for the cool idea, appreciate any help you might have in getting it to run here.

- d


If you don't show any bug report, the simple solution I think, and i hope that's the good one, is to change your theme (Control Panel -> Apparence and Personalization -> Change the theme) and don't choose a classic theme.

If it is not working, search if there is an error.log near the .exe.

If there is nothing, problem may be on nwjs. So we had to understand what do that, and let an issue on their github...