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I really like the artstyle of this game! I'm looking forward to its development.

I played the demo, the character moves at a nice comfortable pace and feels easy to control. The player and enemy sprites are all clear and easy to read although the explosion graphics' smooth scaling felt a little out of place with the pixel aesthetic.

I also encountered some weird behavior with the drop-through ledges. If I walked off of one to the side and immediately turned back around, I'd get pushed back on top of the platform instead of continuing down. And putting drop-through platforms above some of the instant-death gears instead of solid platforms is kind of mean...

Thanks for checking out the demo!

You know I went back and forth on the explosion effect. I had made legit pixel animations but they just didn't feel big enough to me. But I definitely know what you mean.

And thanks for the heads-up on the drop-through ledges. I'll take a look and see if I can resolve that. And I'll be sure to add solid ledges above the instant-death gears ;)