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Game was great quite twisted at parts like who wrote this... But its really good 10/10 btw when is the sequel going to come out.


Thanks so much!

Haha yes, it's definitely dark. I have to take frequent breaks while writing as Burtie, as it disturbs me what comes out in the writing process. Glad it didn't scare ya away though!

As for the sequel, we'll be running a kickstarter campaign this Summer so we can finish the resources. I'll have it up as soon as we get the rest of the character sprites completed so we can do a trailer video. From there, I'm hoping to get everything else completed in 6 months. So hopefully early 2022, but it will depend on how quick my team can get their parts done.


I heard your game got banned on steam when there's hardly anything worth banning it for. Why's that?


I somehow failed to convince them that no actual children were harmed in the making of this game :P

Well that clearly shows how broken Valve's policy is as many games with characters in school uniforms were also banned for the same dumb reasons. Hopefully, your sequel won't get the same treatment.

It really is :( and I'm not so keen on going through it all again with them (at least for now). But, at least we have our console releases. We'll be sending off the sequel and fandisks for porting in the next few weeks!

Have you guys tried selling your games on CD Projekt's GOG.com? If not you should do so because unlike Valve, CD Projekt is not on a banning spree.

We have tried a few times, and unfortunately they let us know recently that we don't fall under their targeted audience. However, I'll continue trying every few months, as their standards change from time to time and they are very upfront about that.

You're joking? No wonder I haven't been seeing visual novels on their platform. That's stupid, just because a specific genre isn't their target audience doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed. These platform restrictions are just flat out terrible. Ok so also ignore GOG I guess 😅. The only other ones I can come up with, that actually do allow visual novels, are JAST, Nutaku, Mangagamer and Denpasoft. Platform restrictions are the worst 🤣

Yep, tried all those too lol. But it's okay, we did well enough with consoles sales that I was able to finance the second game in full, will likely be the same for the next one. As long as I can make enough to keep the series going, I'll be happy. Profit would just be a nice little bonus :)