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The game was amazing just as good as the first one but I have a suggestion the background of the menu in the option section conflicts with the text and it makes the text hard to read.

Also is there a rough estimation of the third game when does it comes out?

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Game was great quite twisted at parts like who wrote this... But its really good 10/10 btw when is the sequel going to come out.

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Just finished I thought the twist would they never really left earth and it was just a test lol but this ending was really good but a bit sad at the end I decided to grant his wish to see the stars...

Btw how do I get the five keys  to open that door below the apartment?

I didnt even notice the boxes I thought they were decoration and thank you.

ok thank you

Its right after the hollow ends the hint is find the word and put them in alphabetical order

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Oh  not that one but the one afterwards

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Hi your games amazing but I am stuck at the police station i need to give a password and i cant figure it out.

I'll wait for the overhaul.

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Personally I don't like the art of cyber lord mayhem but I will give it a go.

You make great games this was really good.

Just finishing playing and it was really really good and well made and I wanted to know will there be a sequel to this game?

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The game was amazing

you mean into that tower and the mines?

I did the quests at the church helped the old man as well did the quest for the kings advisor and delievered blueberries and my class is bloodmage and I am just confused how do I advance futher into thr game?