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Fucking commies! get off this American site and go live in north korea you cuck


TFW you use a country that doesn't even call itself communist anymore to own the lefties.



Why are games like this even on this site. I hate games posted like this, :/ it ruins


Why do you even care if you don't like them? They're here, they don't violate any rules, and they're made by indie devs who have their own opinions and views. If you can't handle leftist views and games, just press the red X button and go back to your day.


uh oh, someone doesn't like freedom of speech ;)


You are the one that thinks games that express opinions you don't share are bad for the website.


lol I never said that, you can quote me if you'd like.

I said I don't like games like this, and it kind of ruins in a few different ways. THATS FREEDOM OF SPEECH COMMUNIST!

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WTF DankLord, I see you whining in the comments of every single leftist game


Hey DankLord. If you can't let your hyper republican + conservative views get challenged, then go back to whatever safe space you came from. A conservative that needs a safe space? How interesting...


Do you need one? You seem to be getting upset at someone with a different political view just like DankLord.


Oink Oink capitalist pig oink oink


do you live in a capitalist country? if so, capitalism got you that device that you're using to comment


Just because it's possible to purchase that device in a capitalist country doesn't mean the same can't be done in a socialist country.


I love anticomms who use this argument, it's so reductionist and worthless. 'You can't criticize capitalism if you participate in it,' like it's some great 'ownage'. Somehow we can't build personal computers or smartphones in a different economic system? Please.


Kaiser tell me about it!


loren0701 This site isn't even necessarily american. Typical fuckboi behavior to think america is basically the whole world.