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Won't work for me. Maybe it is because there aren't any other players at the moment, but the play alone button doesn't seem to work for me either.

Really? I wouldn't have guessed as your English is very good!

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When my people  don't have enough food, it says, "your people IS starving". When it should say, "your people ARE starving", by the way this game is awesome!

this is internet, welcome

My Borkst score was : 162

After trading with town folk about 100 times I still had no yern, not sure how to win this game...

this game was awesome! I hope you add some more things to it because it would be fun to play in a different shop and have some other modes to it

do you live in a capitalist country? if so, capitalism got you that device that you're using to comment

Fucking commies! get off this American site and go live in north korea you cuck

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very funny haha, but when I was 20 minutes in the game it actually crashed not a fake one, and I had to restart, but it's a really good and funny  game for and it is free so why not try it

Note : when I was playing I couldn't push the button sometimes tho