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Another game based on "Devotion to Duty"!  Let's see your take on it. :)

This was alright.  I like the strategic take overall, but it is quite roughly done. 

Agree with @Xavier Ekkel--checkpoints at the start of each area would REALLY help.  Luckily the game's quite short if you know what you're doing, but unexpected deaths still happen even if you know the whole game.

You fall quite slow in this game compared to the walking speed, which could lead to a death for the player who gets the timing off solely because they didn't know they would fall so slowly.

The humor in this game did not do it for me at all--I hated it.  So many "lol cliche" and "lol convenient plot thing" jokes that just made it the game seem shoddy.  The only joke that worked for me was "Best be extra dramatically careful."--the others were just cringe-worthy and came off as lazy excuses for cheap game quality, not funny.

That said, I do like the minimalist approach to this game.  It's a simple level, but it's well structured--seriously, it's good stuff.  Don't like the main character and the enemy art, but the rest is fine.  Needs cool music.

Going down the shaft with the rope feels satisfying, but the character jerks fast when I go left or right.  Also, it's never explained how I got the rope--is that also part of the character's "magic hacking ability"?  Because that's . . . dumb.

Also, found a bug: even after I died, I could still press "E" to laser the enemy to death.  And I didn't even touch this laser when I died for some reason:

The climatic battle is ok.  I like how you introduce the enemies at the very beginning, and then bring them back at the very end.  But the camera is so close in the final scene it's hard to see when the enemies are coming; I thought I had to run forward and take them out, but I would run into them and die!  So I eventually learned I had to just stand there and let them run toward me, which is kinda boring.  Also, why did you give the enemies guns if they're not going to use them at all?

Overall, I like the game's structure and ideas, there are things that need work.  Good job on this.