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The comic seems like an . . . unusual choice, at least to me.  I'm curious how you'll make that into a game--let's check it out! :)

(after playing the game)

Oh.  So that's how you make a "game" based on this comic.

Honestly, when I read "filler mechanics" on the title card, I thought this would be a game that explored tedious mechanics in various ways, so in that sense this was a real letdown.  But I do have to acknowledge that the game does interpret the original comic quite well, and I do like the little details; the hover text in this game is very "xkcd".  My main complaints would be that the "filler mechanics" title was completely half-chopped off when I played it--I play on Windows, btw--, the music gets annoying quite fast, and that this really shouldn't be called "Filler Mechanics" at all, imho, since it's really not about mechanics.  Maybe "Filler Game"?

Good work on this.

(Also I think the 3rd reference might be this comic?  But I'm not sure.)

Thanks for playing. There are numerous problems with the experience. I created it all in under 2 hours due to just having so little time that weekend, so very little thought was put into the finer details. Still, this is good feedback on what I presented. 

I’m sorry to hear that the title was cut off.  Rather thank adjusting things dynamically, I tried to lock the experience to certain working resolutions, which I knew wouldn’t work for some people depending on their default resolution. This means you may also have been cut off from using the button to turn off the sound and/or the exit button, as well as some of the hover zones not being quite in the right place.  

The third referenced comic was intended to be (157 + 221)

The only real clue was the main hover text saying something like with “A real XKCD fan would use math to figure out why this text is relevant”. It isn’t a very good mystery, but I thought it was clever enough.