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Looking forward to get this awesome looking pack! But what is with materials, such as: wood(-chunks, -fragments), stones, gems, gold, etc. Different tiers maybe? :D would be very nice!

This sounds like a splendid plan, theRaffii! :)

:D I'm glad you like it!

Hey theRaffii, I'm happy to tell you that I have added a first set of materials (metal, wood, etc.) and gold to the existing pack! 

Ooh, thats nice, now i want it even more. (And as much as i can see, the textures turned out very well in my opinion!)

We have swords and lances! Where are the axes for the weapon triangle, FE style? x3

Also, do you plan on adding more tomes?

Hey there, sorry for taking so long to reply, I was on vacation.

Axes are something I'm definitely looking into and I can always add some tomes. :)

You work uber fast! The new stock is awesome ^^ I'm def gonna have to donate to you or something :)

Haha, so  glad you like it! 

Perhaps I'll set something up in the future. :)